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The BOLT Network

Welcome to the world’s first Open Entertainment Economy.

  • An engaged user base

  • A robust partner ecosystem

  • An intuitive and elegant user experience

Existing access to entertainment has too many middlemen.

Excessive mark-ups lead to higher costs for end-users and lackluster incentives for content partners.

We're revolutionizing how users gain access to a smart contract framework

BOLT Users trade tokens with other users and content providers in exchange for content/other services.

  • First-time user

  • Complimentary BOLT Tokens upon signing up

  • Existing user

  • community advocates, data bundling with tokens

To get access to:

BOLT Wallet

  • Content

  • Micro-data Packages

  • BOLT Education

  • Completing Tasks

Pay in

Earn via

Tokens attributable to profits are burnt whilst general utility tokens will be put back into the network

BOLT users trade tokens with other users and content providers in exchange for content/other services

Multiple ways to access network

with certain features only unlockable using tokens.

General Access

  • Direct Carrier Billing

  • or
  • Bolt Token

Premium Access

  • Premium Cricket Content

  • Requires BOLT Token

Token Distribution

To obtain the resources required to make the BOLT Network a reality, BOLT is launching a Token Generation Event. There is a finite supply of 1 billion BOLT tokens.

BOLT Tokens will be issued during the Token Generation Event as a ERC-20 token, with a future swap to Zilliqa tokens when the Zilliqa main-net goes live in Q3.

  • 40% (400,000,000 BOLT Tokens) will be allocated to the Token Generation Event
  • 15% (150,000,000 BOLT Tokens) will be distributed to BOLT Research. BOLT Research as a separate entity will lead future research and development of BOLT.
  • 20% (200,000,000 BOLT Tokens) Strategic & Content Partners
  • 20% (200,000,000 BOLT Tokens) The BOLT team is responsible for the initial vision, design, implementation and rollout of BOLT. The vesting period is going to be 3 years with 33.33% vesting every year on a quarterly basis.
  • 5% (50,000,000 BOLT Tokens) allocated as rewards for BOLT Community Contributors.

BOLT will be officially listed on Switcheo DEX 30 days from the completion of the token generation event.

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An exciting roadmap

for growing use in emerging markets and beyond.

A Proven Team

The BOLT Network is run by a diverse and qualified crew of digital strategists, venture builders and media veterans

Advised by the Best-in-Class

Our advisors are Blockchain experts, behind some of the most successful ICOs to date.

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